LEET CARBON provides data-driven solutions and nature networking

Our green lovers and green producers work together toward a low-carbon society through emissions - reductions matching. We also build the community of tree protectors for human wellness.

Solutions and services

We provide data-driven solutions and nature-based carbon capture for a low-carbon society at any scale and speed in one place.

Our technologies allow us to offer customized individual solutions to our clients which are simple and easy to use. Our services are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of individuals.


LEET CARBON generates and stores the data of land cover and land use in line with IPCC guidelines and individual trees.

These data are important for land use planners, city planners, real estate developers, researchers, and more for a range of purposes from monitoring of land cover and land use changes, related biomass changes, carbon stock changes, and with a combination with additional information, our data can also be useful for climate smart agriculture development, ecosystem productivity assessment, crop yield prediction, and even for biodiversity conservation.

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Unlike existing standards that focus mainly on large-scale projects, LEET CARBON is used to monitoring, measurement, reporting, and verify carbon stocks, carbon stock changes (loss and gains) from individual farmers to large-scale projects, thereby eliminating the lengthy and costly third-party validation and verification. Our monitoring system is important for supporting small-scale forest restoration and conservation by the individual farmers and communities in addition to providing a transparent monitoring system at scale and speed from anywhere. Lack of a near real-time monitoring system has led to mistrust among carbon developers, carbon standards, and the public.

LEET CARBON monitors and match carbon emitters (factories of all sorts, power producers, shopping malls, travelers, etc.) with carbon protectors (farmers, communities, carbon project developers) at 5-30 resolutions on a near real-time basis so that both sides can monitor and question what is going on in the targeted forests or trees.

Accordingly, LEET Carbon will introduce its LEET Certificate for carbon buyers so that they can use it for whatever legal purposes it may serve. LEET Carbon will introduce its own carbon standard i.e. LEETCARE Standard with strict but simple criteria and indicators to support the small and medium scale forest restoration and conservation efforts by individual farmers and local communities. LEET Carbon provides services at small scale (single farmer to local community) with a total area from one tree up to 500 ha of land, medium scale from 501 ha to 5,000 ha of lands, and 5,001 ha and up. Where necessary, drone technologies are used for data validation and testing to provide better accuracy and to improve our Machine Learning/Deep learning algorithms.

Nature Networking

Apart from forest restoration and conservation, public engagement is very important to protect individual trees, forests, and biodiversity within their limited resources. Our Nature Networking is a mobile APP currently available on APP Store and Google Play Store.

Users can name the trees anywhere to show their care of forest and climate change protection

Tree owners can also name and claim ownership of the trees.

With a slogan of "Sharing means Caring", users can claim coupons, maintain the named trees in their profile, and share the recently named trees to social media. We believe that this approach will improve public awareness of the usefulness of the trees, and therefore we can stimulate public engagement in tree protection.

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Decentralized Management of Trees and Forests

LEET CARBON will introduce blockchain technology as part of our decentralized management of trees and forests to optimize the benefits of local people and green producers. We call for support from the blockchain community to make this plan happen.

How LEET Carbon Works

  • It generates and process satellite data on automation
  • Million trees are tracked, and their health is analyzed
  • Users are informed of the risk of fallen trees
  • Users can name the unnamed trees for green rewards
  • Carbon stocks and emissions are monitored and stored for user access

Benefits for Users

  • Carbon emitters can offset their carbon emissions with LEET Certificate
  • Individual farmers and local communities can obtain carbon revenues for their efforts to protect trees and forests
  • Carbon developers at all scale can use LEET CARBON for monitoring their existing projects to increase transparency and trusts
  • Carbon buyers and donors can monitor the forests they are supporting online
  • City planners, real estate developers, scientists, and students can access the huge data of land cover and land use, and tree cover change for various purposes of their choice and much more

Below is a link to land cover and land use data in Bangkok over the last 40 years. There is no charge for this access.


Showcases and Awards

  • S-Booster 2022: Asia-Oceania Award for Space-based Nature-based Solutions
  • Katalyst 2022: Stanford University Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship Award
  • AEA 2022: Asian Entrepreneurship Award, Semifinalist
  • Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Carbon Management Award 2022
  • Top 12 Qualified Bangkok Startup "Shifting the World with Tech" 2022
  • Top 25 Finalists of the DEPA Smart City Accelerator Program 2021
  • HERE Technology #HackForBetterDays for innovative solutions to respond to COVID-19 Award 2020
  • HERE Technology #HackForBetterDays South East Asia Award 2020
  • Google Next Step Award 2019
  • Finalist of the 100 Innovations x Entrepreneurs 2019

Our technologies are based on the results of our years of research and teaching. Access our top journal articles here.

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LEET carbon is a leading provider of Spatiotemporal data, nature-based carbon capture, carbon monitoring, and nature-networking for effective nature-based solutions. With a team of expertise boasting extensive experience in the field, years of experience in teaching, publishing high-impact journal papers, and working across the World for over 20+ years, we are well placed to provide our clients transparent solutions to grow and thrive even in challenging times. By really getting to know our customers, our technologies allow us to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data-driven analysis and broad nature-based solution research.

Dr.Manjunatha Venkatappa

CEO and Founder

Thananyarat Thongkhao

Chief Product Officer

Surya Rao Karri

Chief Technology Officer

Thai U.L Tran

Chief Financial Officer

Dr.Hammad Gilani

REDD+ MRV Officer

Dr. Casper Van der Tak

Carbon Market Advisor

Prof.Takuji W.Tsusaka

Natural Resources Economics Advisor

Dr.Theo Ebbers

Nature-based Solutions Advisor

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