We build the community of urban tree lovers

LEET Carbon creates the urban trees that everyone owns

About LEET Carbon

LEET Carbon is the first product of LEET Intelligence. It can monitor urban trees and facilitate tree protection and carbon offsetting by employing AI-ML-DL algorithms and nature networking platform.

Urban trees are the only source for absorbing the air pollutions that kill 7 million people globally. As urban population will reach 5.2 billion in 2050 and given that 9 of the 10 people breathe air with the dangerous pollution level, there is critically urgent to solve this problem. That is why LEET Carbon was developed and it is being developed by professionals and university professors who have many years of experiences in natural resources management, land use and carbon monitoring, advanced mapping, big data technologies, technovation for sustainability, and digital marketing.

LEET Carbon for building the communities of nature lovers is now available in Play Store (Beta version). Try it to be part of the solutions.

How LEET Carbon Works

  • It generates and process satellite data on automation
  • Million trees are tracked, and their health is analyzed
  • Users are informed of the risk of fallen trees
  • Users can name the unnamed trees for green rewards
  • Carbon stocks and emissions are monitored and stored for user access

Benefits for Users

  • Build community of nature lovers
  • Feel the sense of ownership of trees they are named.
  • Carbon developers can access data for developing the baseline scenarios as well as for monitoring, reporting, and verification purposes
  • City planners, real estate developers, scientists, and students can access the huge data of land cover and land use, and tree cover change for various purposes of their choice
  • and much more

Free access to land cover and land use data in Bangkok over the last 40 years.

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Showcases and Awards

Our team has been providing professional trainings, publishing high-impact peer-reviewed papers, organizing and attending international conferences, and receiving the awards.

  • Pitching by CEO at the 100 Innovations x Entrepreneurs (100X) in Bangkok in 2019
  • We won the Google Tech Award during the Geo for Good Summit in 2019 at the Silicon Valley
  • We are in the Top 25 Finalists of the DEPA Smart City Accelerator program in 2021
  • Users can name the unnamed trees for green rewards
  • We were also on the finalists for the Innovations 100X Pitching Competition

Our technologies are based on the results of our years of research and teaching. We published many peer-reviewed papers here.

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Awesome Team

Our team members have many years of experiences in advanced mapping; spatial data analytics; natural resources assessment, monitoring, and management; land use and land cover assessment; forest carbon monitoring, measurement, reporting, and verification; biodiversity conservation; technovation for sustainability; and online digital marketing and offline internet marketing.

Manjunatha Venkatappa

Founder and CEO

Nophea Sasaki

Founder and Green Pathway Advisor

Takuji W. Tsusaka

Founding Member and Business Advisor

Surya Karri

Founding Member and Full-stack Developer

Panatda Sukkhum

UX/UI Designer

Chaiwat Bootchai

Computer Engineering Consultant

Nicha Pasa

UX/UI Designer

LEET Intern

Karuna Budhathoki

Carbon Monitoring

LEET Intern

Alisa Khmnak

Urban Emission Research

LEET Intern

Contact US

LEET Carbon is the product of the LEET Intelligence Co. Ltd., a legal company registered under the Kingdom of Thailand law on April 30, 2020. we can be reached through the contacts below.


LEET intelligence Co., Ltd.
111/30 Perfect Park, Suan Prikthai Muang Pathum Thani Pathum Thani 12000 Thailand